The Biazar Group

The Biazar Group is a multi-faceted sales team operating within an independent, boutique real estate agency, North Clybourn Group; established in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. The Biazar Group was formed in 2005 by Karen Biazar & Staci Slattery to implement their unique vision of white-glove service in Real Estate, Design, and Project Management. The Biazar Group includes a multi-talented Design Department, Team Sales Managers, Support Agents, Team Administrator, MLS Specialist & Account Manager. 

We handle a hybrid of buyer/seller representation, commercial/new construction listings, resale and short sales. Our many layers of expertise allow us to offer top-notch representation regardless of classification. We secure the absolute best price for our clients while conducting business with the highest ethical standards. We do this by keeping a consistent focus on the details, by responding in a timely manner, and by doing our homework to provide good information and consultation. Our goal is always to secure the best deal for the best price with the best terms.

Our sales team has extensive experience with over $1 Billion in sales. We have been in the top 1% of all salespeople in Illinois since 2007. And we continue to refine our skills in the service of our clients with professionalism and integrity. 

North Clybourn Group
100% Woman-owned North Clybourn Group has been on the block since 1989. What began as a no-nonsense passion for results-driven real estate service quickly turned into 30+ years of industry know-how that made us into the local powerhouse we are today. We are a nimble, laser-focused and highly experienced team who won’t settle for anything but extraordinary.


North Clybourn Group, The Place You’ve Been Looking For

Volo Development

“Volo Development is a prolific builder and developer of custom homes, throughout Chicago since the early 2000’s. We are a team of passionate and seasoned professionals with the experience, technical knowledge, and respect for our clients. We are committed to providing an exceptional home and customer service experience.

At Volo, we specialize in understanding the needs and demands of the marketplace, with a particular focus on design and innovation. We work collaboratively with our design team to transform a concept into an exceptionally well built and fully realized home that employs the best building practices and materials available.

As part of our ethic, our systems and people consider how our clients live within their space and how they will experience it.